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KitFix® System - A unique award winning offsite construction system which enables windows and doors to be factory fitted by offsite manufacturers adding value to light gauge steel frame, structural timber frame, SIPS and concrete panels whilst also delivering significant benefits to contractors, developers and clients. The system contributes to the modern agenda in that it contributes to fenestration being ‘designed for manufacture and assembly’ (DFMA) as construction moves toward industrialised construction as outlined in the governments Construction 2025 paper:

Offsite manufacture is crucial to addressing the major challenges faced in the UK construction industry today. Skills shortages now (and projected well in the future), spiraling labour and material costs & a critical shortage of housing to both buy and rent as well as an acknowledged 20% performance gap between design and as-built it's not hard to see why changes need to be made. If taken on top of the need to rebalance the economy though increasing manufacture in the UK offsite manufacture is a no brainer. Offsite embraces innovative building solutions and collaborative working practices and can be applied to most projects whether low, mid and high-rise housing, commercial bedspace including hotels and student accommodation, schools, in fact just about any type of building.

This unique Sidey patented KitFix® System is key for an offsite future and embraces the ‘Fabric first’ approach

Download the Sidey KitFix® System Brochure or play the video.

The KitFix® system enables fully glazed, fully finished windows and doors to be installed offsite into panels or volumetric solutions manufactured from light gauge steel, timber frame, SIPS and concrete as part of the production process whilst having no effect on the stacking, transportation and erection of finished panels.

KitFix® can integrate air tightness solutions between the fenestration and the structure giving an air tightness performance as low as zero m3/hr/m2 @ 50 Pascals.
Our unique patented system is manufactured from a strong, thermally efficient material to mitigate cold bridging and give reveal options.

Fenestration is cleverly recessed into the depth of the panels to protect them during transportation and erection of the structure.

Once on site the windows are slid out to the 1st fix position by trained commissioning personnel.

The Sidey KitFix® System offers many advantages and gives designers, contractors and developers as well as OSM's an innovative yet highly effective way of supplying wind and watertight structures from the moment the building envelope is erected and roof is added.

Key Features of KitFix® offsite installed windows and doors:

  • Windows/Doors are installed offsite in controlled factory conditions

  • Windows/Doors are 1st fixed on site in under 3 minutes each by semi-skilled labour

  • Structures are wind and watertight sooner

  • Follow on trades start sooner

  • The external facade can be removed from the critical path

  • Reduce the risk of arson through increased plot security

  • Eliminates need for scaffolding adjustment - or step-ups

  • Eliminates window/door deliveries to site thus reducing site traffic

  • No site storage of windows and doors

  • Eliminates manual handling of windows/doors into plots

  • Reduces breakages and site damage from distribution, storage and handling

  • No requirement to pack offsite manufactured panels apart to protect windows and doors during transportation and therefore no reduction in payloads

  • Savings on site prelims due to faster build

  • Optional factory fitted high performance air and water tightness solutions for between the fenestration and structure

  • Range of standard and bespoke Clip on Cill nosing's for fitting after the external fabric is built

Key Benefits:

  • Faster Site Build

  • Higher performing structures

  • Cheaper through lower costs

  • Closure of performance gap between designed and as-built

  • Improved Health & Safety

  • Mitigates fire risk

  • Higher Consistent Quality

  • De-skills fenestration installation process

  • Increased Profit

  • Adds value

  • Environmentally favourable & reduced carbon footprint

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