Sidey's Environmental Management System is accredited to ISO14001 and we have set ourselves the target to achieve 100% recycling (zero landfill and with full traceability) of all waste streams emanating from its site operations across the UK.
Sidey can provide our Clients with a complete solution to all the window, door, kitchen and bathroom waste emanating from projects with the following particular features:

  • Site Waste Plans and Risk assessments on a site-by-site basis

  • Specially designed innovative collection and transport system that will enable the timely and safe removal whole windows, doors, kitchens and bathrooms from site whilst giving substantial benefits to our clients, when compared with normal collection and transportation methods, of reduced carbon footprint, of reduced health and safety risks and of reduced noise and atmospheric pollution.

  • Separation and segregation of waste materials using a local processing plant, thus avoiding the carbon footprint of long lines of transportation.

  • 100% recycling of all waste materials (zero landfill).

  • A fully traceable and auditable record of each waste stream right through to the final outlet/user of the material.

  • Calculation of CO2 savings, using formulas from the Carbon Trust, of the whole waste management and recycling process

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