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    Is your conservatory too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter?

Celsius glass has become the new benchmark in performance glass and will transform your conservatory into a room which you can use all year round. With its tint and combined performance, it both enhances the look of your conservatory and ensures that you can use it for much longer and greater comfort than if you opted for either clear glass or other tinted glass.

Celsius Glass can be installed with your new conservatory, or we can upgrade your existing Conservatory by replacing the roof and retain your existing frames. Of course we can also replace your frames if you would like them upgraded too. A building warrant is not required when replacing your existing translucent roof with a new Celsius Glass roof.

We are the only approved installer of Celsius Glass which can be verified by going to the manufacturers website -

When we install your Celsius Glass Roof we will supply you with a certificate of authenticity which ensures you have had Celsius Glass installed. This certificate is not available from any other Company in Scotland.

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